Where does my energy come from?

A new App is launched



It probably isn’t the most pressing concern in your life but you may have occasionally wondered where your energy comes from locally. Is it from dirty coal, nice clean renewables, nuclear? This new app tells you hour by hour what proportion of each is going into the supply into your home and therefore what the carbon load into the atmosphere is, if you live in the area managed by Western Power Distribution.

You can download the app on to your smart phone from The Carbon Trust website http://www.carbontrust.com . The site explains:

‘Developed by WPD in collaboration with the Carbon Trust, working alongside digital agency Enigma Interactive, the app is the first to reveal real time information to consumers on their local energy generation mix and the amount of CO2 produced as a result, also known as its ‘carbon intensity’. The WPD network, which operates across the East and West Midlands, South Wales and the South West, has seen an increasing amount of low carbon generation being connected to the network over recent years.
By using the new app, electricity customers will now be able to see real time data on how the energy delivered to their local area is being generated, taking into account how much energy is coming from nearby solar panels and wind turbines in current weather conditions. In addition to renewables, the app also reveals what proportion of electricity is being provided through nuclear energy, fossil fuels, or other energy sources such as municipal waste incineration.
Having access to this information will allow individuals to make informed decisions about the best times to schedule their energy-consuming tasks – such as using the washing machine, tumble dryer,  dishwasher or water heater – if they want to help make a difference to climate change.
To support this decision making, the app provides both live information and a seven-day forecast, helpfully colour-coding different times of day as green, amber and red depending on how carbon intensive electricity is expected to be at that time.’

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