How low carbon is your community? Sharing solutions

How low carbon is your community? Sharing solutions 27th April 2019, 09:15 to 13:15

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Do you have good examples of low carbon initiatives in your community? Do you have aspirations to address climate change in your village and are looking for ideas? 



Harbury Energy Initiative, in association with the RSA, aims to bring together local communities in the Midlands to share ideas and solutions for local actions to limit climate change. At the event you will hear from three communities that have already initiated programmes of activity. You will also hear from three companies with a track record of working with communities to deliver low carbon solutions. This saves money for those managing community buildings and those improving their homes to be fit for the 21st Century.

The event is free to attend and open to RSA Fellows, friends, colleagues and anyone interested in low carbon solutions for communities. We are particularly interested in welcoming representatives of parish councils, community energy groups, community building management committees and individuals keen to make the change to low carbon in their community.

Lunch is not being provided at the event but bookings can be made in advance at our two village pubs, The Shakespeare Inn and The Crown. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or particular requirements.


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  1. Tim Newcombe

    I/we are way behind here with thoughts on climate change and consequences
    Our newly formed Parish Council in Pillerton Hersey is looking for ideas to save energy , reduce waste and carbon loss.
    Having come across your website today I am encouraged to see your local initiative.
    I would be interested in finding out much more.
    Tim Newcombe. Chair, Pillerton Hersey PC.

    1. Post

      Dear Tim

      Really good to hear from you. A group of us are developing a Low Carbon Warwickshire network to support people in your situation and to share ideas. We have so far had two events to get things started with good results. The next is on October 26th in the morning at Henley-in-Arden. Can I suggest that a couple of you come to that event. It is free to attend. I will send you the poster from my personal email; on it you will find the link to register. I will copy in the organiser and one of the others on the interim steering group. There are two more planned after that, one in Kenilworth and one in Church Lawford. We don’t have dates for those yet. In each case we envisage a new group forming and new low carbon activity taking place. So far, so good!

      In the meantime please feel free to come and talk if that would help, or I could come to you. We have a few things going on at the moment that are not on the website.

      with regards and best wishes


      Bob Sherman, Chair HEI, Chair Harbury e-Wheels, co-founder of Low Carbon Warwickshire.

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