Harbury e-Wheels

HEI Chair in one of our Zoes

e-Wheels Chairman in one of our Zoes


Harbury e-Wheels was launched at the end of October 2015 with the purpose of using the village’s electric car club for social benefit at no cost to the passenger or referring agency. We began by supporting the Southam, Kineton and Bishop’s Itchington food banks and still ensure that food donated in this church is delivered to the main food bank at St Peter’s Kineton every week. Our reach is now much broader and we take referrals from the local children’s centres, surgeries and hospitals, from Citizens Advice Bureaux, AgeUK, churches and the district council. All this we do using non-polluting electric vehicles.

There are 6 volunteer coordinators and 8 volunteer drivers who have since the launch delivered over 1000 hours of entirely free transport to people who for physical, mental or financial reasons have few or no transport options. Our overheads are very small but we do have to pay for the use of the cars, which are managed by a commercial car club company, E-Car Club. Our transport needs, in our opinion, to be free and this has so far been possible because of fundraising events, small donations and grants from Big60Million, Community Energy Warwickshire and Coventry Diocese and in-kind support from E-Car Club. We now want to put the project on a safer footing by appealing to individuals, businesses or groups to commit a small regular annual sum to keep e-Wheels rolling.

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