February update

[This was first published in the Harbury and Ladbroke News]

I would like to feel that I have a growing loyal readership eager to pore over my monthly contribution but I know I am almost certainly deluded in that. The reality is more likely that it may be some relief to you that I don’t have quite so much to say this month. I don’t give up easily, however. This month I offer you a possible forthcoming money saving proposal to the village, school lighting (again), the electric cars (of course) and some nice stuff about Harbury e-Wheels. It’s an easy read, so don’t give up just yet.

On Tuesday 24th January a few members of HEI met informally with someone from a rapidly growing energy company. The company has developed a plan for providing energy to homeowners at competitive rates with financial benefit for the community added in. The majority of people have remained with the same energy company for a long time, usually on high cost annual variable tariffs. Energy companies rarely reward loyalty and you may be paying excessively high rates for your power and heat. Energy costs have been quite low for a while but are now starting to rise. It is anticipated that this will continue inexorably for some time. It is always advisable to compare rates and tariffs every year; you may be surprised at what you can save. We have decided not to go ahead with this, not because we don’t like the company or think switching is twitchy but because we have other priorities and this isn’t part of our stated objectives.

Switched on
Life is a bit brighter in our school since the first set of LED bulbs were installed. As eager readers who pore over my every word, you will know that the job isn’t finished yet. As with all schemes that require funding it takes time, rather a lot sometimes. We do have a bit of a plan, however, and things are progressing slowly. I may surprise you (and myself) one month with solid news.

Some of you may be aware that we had some irritating problems with the electric cars during December and early January. It isn’t easy to get about in a car if you can’t actually unlock the doors. It turns out, as so often, to have been something embarrassingly simple. Let’s not go into it, as it only affected the volunteer drivers of Harbury e-Wheels. Don’t forget that this alternative transport option is there for you to use. Did you know that if you are already a member, other members of your family can join at a much lower life membership rate if they are all on one account? There are deals to be had, as ever with E-Car, and Valentine’s seems as good an opportunity to offer a deal as any. Take a look at their website: http://www.ecar.co.uk

Another sort of plug…
Speaking of plugs, Harbury e-Wheels is organising a concert, ‘Music to keep e-Wheels Rolling’ on March 31st at 7pm in Harbury church. If you were in the audience at the recent brilliant folk concert evening at the village hall, you will have heard about it. We are only able to provide transport at no charge by raising funds. At the concert we will be launching our first appeal. We don’t need huge amounts, as our overheads are quite small, but must have a secure income to keep the wheels rolling. I have tickets to sell at £8 each. Get in first; folk concerts usually sell out.
I am also very excited (not good at my age, probably) to present the new logo for Harbury e-Wheels.

Harbury e-Wheels logo

We owe this with very grateful thanks to Richard Marshall-Hardy, who has provided all the design and production of the logo, poster, leaflet and other graphics for our appeal.

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