How The Group Started

The Harbury Energy Initiative began over a pint… of blood. At the local blood donation session. David Bristow and Bob Sherman, possibly slightly light-headed from loss of blood, decided that they had had enough of talking green and wanted to see it happen for real.

At that time there were few solar panels to be seen in Harbury, little positive discussion of carbon reduction, nowhere obvious to go for advice, and a general feeling that climate change was perhaps a politically inspired myth and any individual effort was insignificant in delivering any worthwhile benefit to the planet. Villagers talked about wind turbines and electricity generation from other sources than the grid but in terms of some remote technological wonder beyond their means and their reality. Something needed to happen to change this inertia and that something was the Harbury Energy Initiative, which came into being in January 2010.

A key partner for us has been the school. Children are wonderful ambassadors for great ideas and so they have been for us. They need little encouragement – but a lot of guidance! – in promoting a greener world. Cajoling their parents into action will help to deliver the strategy!
We want our children and grandchildren to look forward to a bright and sustainable future – but what do they want? We asked Harbury School children what they want the world to be like in 2050. These are some of their replies:
No pollution ~ No smoke in the air ~ No oil in the sea ~ Clean air, clean rain ~ A peaceful world ~ No war ~ Lots of flowers and butterflies ~ More bees – more honey ~ More recycling ~ Vehicles powered by electricity ~ Every house has a solar panel ~ More home-grown food ~ Litter free.
And so we had to start somewhere. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Doing something with someone else is better than doing it on your own. And doing something in a group, and with other communities is better still…